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The Horticulture Society is the oldest society in the University which was established around year 1999 and it is registered under the National Science Foundation. The students specialized under the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Gardening lead the society while the membership is open for all the students of the faculty. The society contributes for academic as well as out-reach activities through the establishment of demonstration plots related to the horticulture sector, beautification of the University premises, enhancement of public awareness about horticultural sector while conducting fund raising activities for strengthening financial status of the society.



  • To develop the ability of the members to understand, appreciate and use the expanding scientific and technological content of horticulture and to make significant contributions towards growing demands of the horticulture sector in the country.
  • To perceive and appreciate the importance of horticulture in the national economy with particular reference to the roles played by vegetable and fruit crops as well as ornamental plants in meeting the needs of the people.
  • To contribute to the public awareness of aesthetic value of horticultural crop plants.
  • To promote landscape through design, development and maintenance, especially within the faculty premises.
  • To promote environmental conservation by encouraging and following agricultural practices those minimize pollution and soil erosion


Office Bearers:


Advisor of the Society (Head of the Department)      - Dr. K. Yakandawala

Senior Treasurer                                                                 - Dr. (Ms.) K.M.G.K.  Pamunuwa

President of the Society                                                    - Mr. W.A.G.H. Weerasinghe

Vice president                                                                     - Mr. G.W.L. Sandaruwan

Secretary                                                                               - Ms. L.A.M.N. Jeewanthi

Treasurer                                                                               - Mr. T.H.K.D.G. Silva

Editor                                                                                    - Mr. I.B.D.C. Senarathne


Executive Committee:


4th year

Ms. D.M.A.E.I. Dewagedara

Ms. W.M.D. Ruwanmali

3rd year

Ms. T.D.D. Kulawardana

Ms. D.D.D.N. Maduwanthi


Activities conducted during the year 2015/2016

  • Fund raising activities:  Raffle draw, selling fruit juice and society T- shirt
  • Establishment of an Anthurium demonstration plot to be used in the academic and outreach activities
  • Establishment of Butterfly Identification Board in wildlife garden to be used in academic activities and for the common use of nature loving people
  • Planting of Terbermaemontana spp. (Watusudda) plants on either side of the main road for the common use and beautification
  • Awareness programme for Department of Horticulture for junior students


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Faculty of agriculture & plantation managment,

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Sri Lanka.


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E-mail  horticulture@mkd.wyb.ac.lk
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